Eye Massage Pen
Eye Massage Pen
Eye Massage Pen
Eye Massage Pen
Eye Massage Pen
Eye Massage Pen

Eye Massage Pen

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2. about the product vibration, it is the wrong usage that cause the wrong vibration. To be honest , the silver metal area is
sense area when it touch your skin, it will vibrate , many people do not know it , then when they touch the silver area, it vribrate.

so The correct useage is this :
Firstly  put the battery into the pen  ,
Then hold the plastic area in your Palm,
Then put the pen head on your face , it will vibrate.
After finishing use ,then put the protective case on the pen head and put it on your desk.


The Eye Massage Pen!

The most effective tool for clearing up your Eye Bags and Wrinkles!

Try this New Invention and see the magic results for yourself!

The Big Problem with massaging around your eyes with your fingers is that you risk pulling and stretching the skin which can counteract the exact problem your trying to fix and lead to more wrinkles and more visible bags.

The Eye Pen is the solution to that problem! It uses a much more sensitive approach; instead of rubbing over the skin, the metal contact point allows for it to gently slide over the skin while vibrating at a frequency of 158 every second which gives you the best possible results!


Directions for use...

  1. Apply your desired cream around the eyes or mouth
  2. Make sure your hand is in contact with the large metal sensor - this will activate the vibration
  3. Gently apply to the skin and the vibration will begin
  4. Massage away

*Remember to clean your device after use and return the protective cap*





Power Supply               DC1.5V, - 1x AAA Battery (not included)                             

Power Consumption     65mW

Continuous Use Time   7-8hrs

Vibration Frequency     158 per second